1 Introduction

A message has been arranged for us to find in the configuration of our Solar System and beyond. Some Agency left it. The first question that arises—Who are or were they?—turns out to not be as important as: What does the message mean for us, to whom it has been sent?

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2 The Evidence

The most amazing astronomical fact known to us is visible in the sky nearly every period of twenty-four hours, but especially during total solar eclipses. From our vantage point on Earth, the Sun and Moon appear to be exactly the same size. During a total solar eclipse, the Moon exactly covers the disk of the Sun.

nasa_coron899cCan anything explain this? The Sun is 400 times the size of the Moon, yet is 400 times farther away, so their apparent sizes are the same. In the eighteenth century, the meaning of this fact was widely debated by astronomers, but today if it is mentioned to astronomy students at all it’s just called coincidental. Nobody wants to talk about it, because nobody can explain it.

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3 The Arguments

This chapter is about the objections & rebuttals of the evidence presented in the book. Going further with the Anthropic Principle, numeric patterns as archetypes, quantum theory and what Einstein didn’t like about it. A place to raise your own objections or chime in with a high-five (the Internet kind, of course) if you like what you’re finding out.

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4 The Implications of the Patterns

What does it all mean? How could the universe have been altered, diddled and fashioned for us? How are we each implicated in this “rearranging,” and who might have done it? The Agency as solar system engineers. As the Oracle told Neo, this is extreme noodle-baking.

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5 Contacting the Agency

We’re not hapless victims in all this. This chapter gives certain habits we can cultivate and practices we can undertake to contact and re-join our Agency kin. These involve awareness, breathing, concentration, sound and music.

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The Appendix

A summary of all the numerical evidence presented in the book.

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