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63,000 Things to Worry About: Light Years and Inches

In Invisible Agents of Creation I spent some time citing some neat little mathematical items that just shouldn’t be. There are far too many of them to be coincidences, so some “Agent” or “Agency” had to have set them up so eventually someone like me would notice them.

I just ran across another one of these little gems that I’d like to share with you.

About Sphere Music

In the book I talked about the number 27.32 being an important frequency to human consciousness. Listen for yourself and decide what you think.

A Vision of New Possibilities

Learn how to create a better future for yourself. Summarized here from the book Invisible Agents of Creation by Fred Cameron

About All That “Math”

First of all, there aren’t really any mathematics that you have to do. Yeah, there are a few equations in the first chapter, but they’re elementary—high school level—and I’ve solved them all for you. There isn’t any test, pop quiz or turning in your papers. Yes, there are a few numbers, but they’re no more difficult than remembering your height or age.

Harmful Opinions

Recently, two women friends adopted an opinion that isn’t true. They got this opinion from a certain segment of the media. As a result, it is now having adverse consequences for themselves and for their children. My point here is not going to be to favor one side of a particular issue over another, but rather the harm unverified opinions can wreak upon those that hold them, and, unfortunately, their children.

The Magic Begins at 100

To achieve good results, you have to start the Alternate Breathing exercise given in the book at 100, not from some lower number, because this is when the magic happens.

You have to be a warrior and attack this practice head on to get the best results in a reasonably short amount of time.

We’re Getting the Band Back Together

A lot of things sort of fell apart a long time ago. Hasn’t been a whole lot of singing and dancing since then. Not nearly as much as there should have been. But people are starting to remember things these days. Things are coming back to people. So we were thinking, it’s time to get […]

Throwing Out the Baby

I’ve just been perusing the posts on the Google+ Community “Atheism.” I confess after reading so many posts filled with one-sided opinions—and not a few filled with bigotry and outright hatred—I was a little sick to my stomach.

Wired: Awake or Just Fake?

The cover story of Wired magazine for July 2013 (aka issue 21.06 for geeks), and indeed the entire theme of this magazine, welcomed us to the “programmable world” of millions of connected, electronic devices that will be in some sense “intelligent” and that we’ll grow to need, if not love. Plus, there is a more […]

Start Here

Here’s an overview and a guide to what’s going on here. It’s about realizing some of the possibilities for yourself you perhaps never thought you could achieve.

It’s about becoming part of something big you hoped existed, but were never sure about.

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