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Here’s the picture:

Things are not fine. For many, many people the world is a daunting, unfriendly place that they must constantly keep at bay, usually through economic work, crime or physical force. Some of us fare better; some fare worse.

Why? Because we are the on-going victims of a global cataclysm that occurred before the historical era, which had the effect of severely limiting the depth and scope of our consciousness due to its electromagnetic nature. (Details to follow.)

Because of this schism, this estrangement, we have lost awareness of the greater parts of ourselves. All that remains are seemingly unbelievable legends and myths of a Golden Age—although there are an uncomfortably large number of these from around the world that are in general agreement that such a time really did exist.

Therefore, what for us is normal isn’t normal at all; it’s merely usual. We have lost all memory of what is actually normal for humans beings.

What is left of our narrowed consciousness exists in a sea of apparent lack and deep-seated fear (so deep we are hardly aware) of our isolation. We each seem to be ultimately alone.

The existence of anything greater than humans is scarcely believed by many, and is believed on faith by many others, purely on hearsay evidence. Actually, this covers both religious adherents (“God” is greater) and scientific types (pure, cold logic and reason are greater) who take the received “wisdom” of their respective thought leaders without question. There are others who reject both positions as nonsense, and yet others who aren’t sure.

This site is for those who aren’t sure.

What can we do about it?

That’s the picture. The question is, is there anything we can do about it. Can we overcome this gap of awareness? Can we reach across from our common individual awareness to something greater?

In other words, can we bring back that long-lost Golden Age, by which I mean each of us, one-by-one, not the whole neighborhood, which present conditions make impossible.

First, look at the evidence

Hold that thought, because we need some kind of hard evidence before we start that there really is something greater. This is where the book Invisible Agents of Creation: Implications of cosmic paatterns and this companion website come in. In the book I show that aspects of our local solar system, specifically the Earth, Sun, and Moon couldn’t have come to their present configuration by chance. Some “agency” altered, tweaked, fixed up, modified, certain easily-ascertained sizes and configurations. We humans are specifically included in these alterations.

Which makes all of these things fake. Not completely real. Other than what they appear.

The book goes through quite a few simple observations both in the sky and right here at home, and concludes that somebody “cooked” the solar system for our benefit, almost as if—no, exactly as if—they were trying to leave us a message. To wit: They are trying to get our attention so we’ll do what needs to be done to re-establish the connection between us.

The Agency

And why would such an agency—which I simply call the Agency, so as not to drag along any unnecessary baggage—want us to do such a thing? Because we/they came here long ago, to this level of reality on the physical Earth, in order to do specific jobs. And ever since that cataclysm, not only can’t we remember what these jobs are, we can’t remember that we specifically came here to do them.

Now is the time to point out that none of this is logical. How do we even know if there is such an Agency, and why would there be jobs for us to do? But this is not the type of thing where we can stand back and say, “Well, this doesn’t seem very likely to me.” This is not the type of thing where an opinion has any weight. Not your opinion, not my opinion, not anybody’s opinion. Only personal experience counts. Your personal experience.

If the weight of the evidence presented in the book—and from any other related experiences you may have had in your life—convinces you that something fishy is going on for which there are no ready explanations, then you owe it to yourself to try to establish two-way contact with this Agency, and maybe, later on, become one of their agents yourself.

How to contact the Agency

This is the what to do about it part. If you come from another genuine spiritual tradition you already know about this, because the first steps are always the same. First, come to peace with the outer world and within yourself. Don’t allow yourself to be emotionally and intellectually blown all over the place by those around you. Become a mere witness to events and don’t get hooked by anything or anyone. This is described in detail in the book. And second, still your ever-busy mind chatter so you can hear whether or not, in fact, this Agency is trying to reach you. Techniques for doing this are also given in the book.

These two things are not so easy to do. You can’t just close your eyes, think quiet thoughts, and then consider whatever pops into your mind to be some holy writ for your personal edification. Why not? Because this will merely be your ego telling you something you already want to hear. No, quieting your mind and listening is Step Two. Step One is the becoming detached part, which means among other things becoming detached from your ego-mind and ego-emotions. This takes some time to master, but it can be done. Shutting off your mind-chatter is harder, but not impossible. There are several very cool techniques for doing this; the book describes two of them.

I should mention the subject of lying here. We can easily lie to ourselves that we’ve accomplished something, like this Step One, say, when we really haven’t. You’ll never get anywhere on this path if you lie to yourself. You have to actually do the work.

Just sayin’.

Then what happens?

So here’s the cool stuff. Maybe you get an unmistakable idea of what you should be doing. Not in so many words, necessarily, but from perhaps not-so-subtle hints from different directions over a period of time. Maybe all at once. No one can say how it might be for you. You’re getting the Agency’s personal message if it doesn’t lead to harming anyone or taking anything from anyone else. The Agency guys know there’s enough to go around for everyone. We’re the only ones who don’t know this.

So when you start getting aligned with the Agency, the universe starts acting on your behalf. This is a job perk when you start helping them. They start helping you, too. This is called having your Six. Having your back.

Beyond this, no specifics can be given. (Nor can any opinions about any of this be given. This is personal experience, remember? Not somebody else’s supposed experience, even mine. Sometimes this point is hard to get over.)

You just have to give it a real try and see what happens. Trust me, though. What happens will be really cool for you. You’ll belong to something quite extraordinary, and will do things—great and small—you never thought you could.

You’ll have joined the Agency.

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